Opening a second trading account. ZERO fee trading with BITGET.

I’m getting many questions about BITGET.

Yes, after years of trading with BINANCE, I opened my second account with BITGET, still testing it.

I’m annoyed with the horrible PNL page, and sudden spikes on BINANCE.

You can also trade SPOTS with ZERO fees, and claim some bonuses if you use my link below;


– I separated my account into 2 parts (Main Account and Practice Accounts)
– I use BINANCE as my main trading account (for big positions)
– I use BITGET/BYBIT/OKX as my practice account (taking small positions and testing strategies)
– I also separate my capital to multiple exchanges to reduce of risks

Great order fills and very easy to use!

Get up to $4030 when you sign up using my link on BYBIT:

25% Discount on Futures Trading Fees & Commissions with OKX

Get up to $4163 when you sign up using my link on BITGET:

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