Best Trading Strategy? How to Become BEST at Day Trading. Most Applicable Strategy for Any Markets!

How to Master Consistency in Day Trading and Scalping Using THIS Price Action Strategy. To succeed, one needs to understand the principles of smart money management. It’s not simple or easy to trade! Learning risk management and becoming a professional trader take years of practice.

You can use these trading strategies with cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, and futures, BTC, bitcoin, even for stocks, and penny stocks scalping and day trading. This mentorship and free trading course will teach you how to trade with smart money concepts known as SMC. What is included? Order block, breaker block, liquidity, and imbalances. The reason I use fair value gaps (FVG) is that they are simple and extremely powerful.


– I separated my account into 2 parts (Main Account and Practice Accounts)
– I use BINANCE as my main trading account (for big positions)
– I use BITGET and BYBIT as my practice account (taking small positions and testing strategies)
– I also separate my capital into multiple exchanges to reduce risks

Excellent order fills and very easy to use!

Get up to $5000 when you sign up using my link on BYBIT:

Get up to $5000 when you sign up using my link on BITGET:

00:00 Intro
00:25 Free Trading Course
00:45 Disclaimer
01:00 MICRO SCALPING vs HTF DAY TRADING (How to Choose?)
03:36 Day Trading Strategy 1 (Mastering 5 Minutes)
05:28 Day Trading Strategy 2 (Multiple Trades)
07:58 Day Trading Strategy 3 (Mastering 15 Minutes)


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Happy Trading!

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